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Habanero v2.3.2

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Released: Mar 29, 2010
Updated: Apr 7, 2010 by habanero
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Release Notes

Habanero version 2.3.1 is the most stable and powerful version of Habanero available and the development team believes this version is going to knock the competition off the shelves. On top of a range of performance improvements, bug fixes, dependency inversions and extended test coverage, you'll get new features like serialisation of BusinessObjects and a bunch of nifty UI tools.

What's the Big Deal?

What sets Habanero apart from other data or ORM frameworks?

Agile from data to presentation
Firstly, Habanero provides an agile toolset right from the data layer through to the front end. Most ORM frameworks focus on reading data out of the database, but don't go beyond that. As the developer you're then required to tie a range of heterogenous frameworks together in order to move data through the data layer, the business logic layer and the presentation layer. Habanero ties these all seamlessly together, automating so much of the default implementations that lengthen your development time.

Switch out your data layer
Secondly, Habanero's data handling allows you to swap in any data layer you choose, now that the dependency inversion between BO and DB is complete. As a developer you have the freedom to source your data from a database, an XML file, an Excel document, a web service or any medium you would like to create a Data Accessor for, and then get standard Business Object and Presentation layer behaviour. Furthermore, Habanero's approach to Business Objects allows for fourth normal form application development.

Runtime UI generation
Habanero then provides runtime generation of controls like grids and forms to edit your Business Objects. A lot of development time is spent building an interface piece by piece through the designer, which is particularly inefficient when you are creating an edit form for a number of fields from a single entity. Habanero automates this kind of interface, enforcing data validation, and providing real-time synchronisation between components displaying the same data.

One application for desktop and web
Finally, Habanero abstracts the specific UI environment so that you can code one set of controls to be released in multiple environments. By generating all components through IControlFactory, you need only switch out the implementation of IControlFactory you use in order to release the same application on either the desktop or the web. With support for the Visual WebGui AJAX framework, this marks a huge stride in simplifying web development. Gone are the old days of tedious ASP CRUD page design and you can now generate a data-driven web application in a fraction of the previous time and with twice the intelligence.

Free open source

Habanero v2.3.0 is now available for free download on the official site. As part of the Habanero community, we're looking forward to hearing your contributions to the Habanero project, as well as integrating your own code into this groundbreaking framework.

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